PEXIN CONSULT delivers redesign and optimization of procurement related processes, organisations and information technology. We focus on result-orientated analysis, conception and implementation of improvements. These improvements strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of the strategic, tactical and operational procurement areas of PEXIN CONSULT’s clients.
The concept of PEXIN CONSULT concentrates on close involvement of its clients' staff in all project and program phases. This ensures
- Maximum identification of team members with project targets,
- Highest possible know-how transfer to procurement staff and
- Lowest invest of external cost.

Kai Busse


Kai Busse is known as an expert for the procurement area. During the last ten years, he supported a large number of purchasing projects predominantly at German DAX listed companies. In addition, he successfully managed the selection and implementation of various global procurement platforms and the setup of related service organizations. His in-depth process and methods competence has been utilized in long term mandates by companies in the telecommunication, automotve, aerospace and consumer goods industry. Kai Busse proved that he has the ability to transfer know-how in a comprehensive and motivating way in several procurement staff development programs.

Kai Busse

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Supplier Relationship Management

Evaluation and Selection of SRM solutions

*** this book is available in German language only ***

Today numerous companies of any size and in all industries are using electronic platforms to support their processes for systematic supplier relationship management (SRM). The current trend shows more and more SRM portal solutions being implemented which are hosted by external service providers. While the number of SRM users and covered processes has increased substantially, a standardized way for the evaluation of appropriate solutions was missing. For the first time this book presents a consistent method that enables decision makers to evaluate and select SRM portal solutions in a transparent way. The book is based on leading literature covering SRM or the software selection process, multiple SRM tender specifications covering the practical and functional aspects of this area. In addition, the authors abstract their client workshop learnings into a multistep decision process that guides users step by step towards the most suitable solution for their company’s specific needs. The book covers functional, process and technical aspects as well as soft factors regarding usability and capabilities of the SRM provider. The combination of scientific SRM theory and practical experience makes this book a unique carrier of best practice knowledge for all purchasing experts who intend to redesign their SRM processes and look for the best value selection of an SRM solution.

published: January 2009

authors: Jörg Schweiger, Wolfgang Ortner, Martin Tschandl and Kai Busse

Roadmap to Procurement Excellence

A look at SRM-systems for holistic procurement solutions

*** this book is available in German language only ***

The book presents a new approach of how organisations can plan and deliver a holistic management of procurement processes. The authors describe the prerequisites, the targets and define modern procurement as a continuous closed loop. This process is cycling in dependence on and as an extension of the five phases of the PDCA-process: beginning with the determination of category strategies based on the overall procurement strategy, through the operational implementation, up to continuous performance measurement and management. The processes of this closed loop can be supported by IT systems and Supplier Relationship Management Solutions in particular. The authors emphasize that single processes may notbe optimized independently from upstream and downstream processes. In doing so, procurement unlocks new potential synergies which result from the mutual dependencies of these processes. The Roadmap to Procurement Excellence is an implementation landscape for SRM processes, to continuously improve procurement performance and maximize procurements‘ value contribution.

published: November 2009

authors: Jörg Schweiger, Wolfgang Ortner, Kai Busse and Thomas Dieringer


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